Using Indoor Gardening Grow Lights for Weed

Using Indoor Gardening Grow Lights for Weed

The beauty of indoor gardening is in providing an ideal environment for the plant growth. If you have a few marijuana plants, and you want to up your game regarding quality, then indoor gardening is your best option. But other benefits include stealth growth and added control.

Plants need sunlight to grow and thrive. But thanks to technology, is now possible to provide the necessary sunlight, indoors. You can grow a few cannabis plants within your home, in an unused room, and it will perform better than the outdoor grown varieties with the best LED grow lights.

The Different Stages of Marijuana Growth and Grow Lights

The first stage of plant growth is the vegetative phase. It starts right from the moment you plant weed and goes all the way to the start of budding or flowering. Typically, the vegetative stage is between week one and 40 days. Plants, in this stage demand 18 hours of sunlight and six hours of darkness for the best results. However, there are those that prefer a 24hr cycle for rapid growth.

After the passing of 40 days, growers change the cycle to 12 hours light, and 12 hours of darkness to stimulate the beginning of the flowering phase. However, the stage only begins after varying the light cycle. Employ good judgment to determine the ideal time for the flowering stage – 40 days is sufficient for the majority of hybrid marijuana crops.

An important piece of information to have is that different weed strains require different lighting and growing techniques. It simply means that a certain variety will do well with specific light cycle than another. For optimal results, it is a good idea to have all the necessary information regarding a strain.

The Best Lights for Different Stages of Cannabis Growth

Believe it or not, but fluorescent lights are the best for vegetative growth. The bulbs produce a decent amount of blue light, and which weed love during this stage. You will find a blue-hued fluorescent light at any store that deals with grow lights. If you choose to go the fluorescent light way, you will need reflectors to enhance their efficiency.

Alternatively, you can use metal halide lights for the vegetative stage. These produce a nice blue hue light that is even better than fluorescents. However, HPS metal halide lights are big energy consumers, and the amount you spend on bills may arouse suspicion and undesirable attention – some activities are not for every eye and ear.

But if you are after energy efficiency, focused spectrum for the different stages of growth and durability, then LED grow lights is what you are after. The upfront cost of good quality LED light may cause a flinch, but it is cheaper to maintain, uses less energy and has a longer lifespan. Unlike the other varieties, LED lights have no heating problem. Their efficient cooling system ensures they run cooler than other lights, and you can place them closer to the plants for more enhanced light absorption.